R or Middle Mouse button = Restart
Click or hold Left Mouse button = Draw

Keys need to be collected if the exit door is locked.
Spikes will kill the Chicken, avoid them.
The pencil will break if you try to draw in an area where the paper is torn off.

Each puzzle must be solved by drawing a single continuous line. There are lots of possibilities to make the chicken move in the desired direction and even to make it climb some heights. But once a line is drawn, the chicken can not pass through it.

There is a total of 20 Levels!

Install instructions

1. Download

2. Install

3. ???

4. Profit

(Or just play in browser)


Download 25 MB


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really challenging and fun game :)

Amazing game! Chicken is adorable, and the music is catchy. The 1 line being your only tool inspires creative thinking, and the torn page mechanic is cool. Maybe adding a level counter and a save function would complete the game?

This was awesome


Absolutely amazing! It was such a fun game. Great Work :D


I beat it in an hour! that level with keys on 3 corners of the screen drove me crazy, it was 1 step forward, 3 steps of trapping the chicken so i had to restart. checkpoints/saving mightve been nice, but idk how.


michim! This game is awesome. You should flesh it out some and put it on ios/android/windows/etc.


Yay I completed all the levels! Nice fun game. The only unintuitive thing for me is I didn't know I could draw though the spikes and existing blocks and around the confines of the level, so I got stuck for a while in one of the levels because of this

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woo - great game. Some of the levels were really tricky. :)

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Great game guys! The artstyle is very unique and the puzzles are nice. Though there were quite some difficulty spikes here and there (or difficulty drops). It would have been nice if you can draw multiple lines, instead of one continuous one (probably because of the theme). Perhaps it's also interesting to add an eraser mechanic.

The first level with the door on the island above you, was a great way to teach the technique of drawing cradles to move the chicken upwards. I made it to the level pictured below. I believe it's quite close to the last level, but I didn't count the levels and there is no text showing what the current level is.


I can see now how to solve it, but there is no saving in the game. So I would have to start all over again.

Thanks for the feedback.

I'm afraid we are not currently working on the game anymore. The idea of only having a single line (and no eraser) was part of the game jams theme, and we're quite happy to keep it that way.

Difficulty spikes/drops happen because we did not have the time during the jam to let people playtest the levels and rank them by diffuculty.

If ever continue developing the game things like level ordering and level selection will be some of the first things we do.


Love puzzlegames like this where you feel like creativity is key in solving the levels. Played through all of your levels and enjoyed every single one of them!


I feel smarter after playing this game


Love this game. MORE LEVELS PLS :D


Super clever and very fun to play with a drawing tablet


More level pleaze... =D


Absolutely amazing.


Love the "Hop" sound when the chicken is dead. :D
Really cool game and puzzle. Can't help myself to keep drawing weird path for the chicken.


Loved it...Great puzzles dude!!


This is a solid little puzzle game. I found myself drawing weird loops and such to complete the levels. Nice work! :D


I love chicken, ended up hating this one, frustratingly fun... great game ^_^